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Gastenlijst voor het huwelijk van Prins William en Kate Middleton

De plechtige ceremonie is “hier”: LIVE te volgen

Roermond – Prins William en Kate trouwen vandaag. Hieronder een lijst van de genodigde gasten voor de plechtige huwelijksceremonie.

The Royal Set

The Queen, 84, and Duke of Edinburgh, 89.

Prince Charles, 62, and the Duchess of Cornwall, 63.

Princess Anne, 60, and Timothy Laurence, 55.

Prince Andrew, 50.

Prince Edward, 46, and Sophie Wessex, 45.

Prince Harry, 26.

Princess Beatrice, 22, and boyfriend Dave Clark, 28.

Princess Eugenie, 20, and boyfriend Jack Brooksbank, 26.

Lord Frederick Windsor, 31, Prince William’s cousin, and wife Sophie Winkleman, 30.

Lady Ella Windsor, 29-year-old daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

Zara Phillips, 29, and her fiance Mike Tindall, 32.

Peter Phillips, 33, and his wife Autumn Phillips, 32.

Earl Spencer, 46, Prince William’s uncle and brother of Princess Diana.

Lady Kitty Spencer, 20, Lady Eliza Spencer and Lady Amelia Spencer, both 18, daughters of Earl Spencer.

Louis Frederick John Spencer, 16, son of Earl Spencer.

Lady Jane Fellowes, 53, sister of Princess Diana.

Laura Jane Fellowes, 30, daughter of Jane.

Alexander Robert Fellowes, 27, son of Jane.

Eleanor Ruth Fellowes, 25, daughter of Jane.

Sarah McCorquodale, 55, sister of Princess Diana, and husband Neil Edmund McCorquodale, 59.

Emily Jane McCorquodale, 27, daughter of Sarah.

George Edmund McCorquodale, 26, son of Sarah.

Celia McCorquodale, 21, daughter of Sarah.

Tom Parker Bowles, 36, son of the Duchess of Cornwall, and wife Sara Parker Bowles, 37.

Laura Parker Bowles, 33, daughter of the Duchess of Cornwall, and husband Harry Lopes, 33.

Nicholas Van Cutsem, 33, a close friend of the couple, and wife Alice Hadden-Paton.

Edward Van Cutsem, 36, Nicholas’s brother, and wife Lady Tamara Grosvenor, 30.

William Van Cutsem, 30, Nicholas’s brother.

Hugh Van Cutsem, 36, Nicholas’s brother, and wife Rose Astor, 35.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, 39, It Girl and daughter of Prince Charles’s best friends Patti and Charles.

Simon Sebag-Montefiore, 45, and Santa Montefiore, 40, authors and close family friends. Santa is Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s sister.

Marie-Chantal, 42, Crown Princess of Greece, and Pavlos, 43, Crown Prince of Greece, Prince of Denmark.

Tiggy Legge-Bourke, 45, William’s former nanny and husband Charles Pettifer.

Ben Elliot, 35, nephew of the Duchess of Cornwall.

Katie Elliot, sister of Ben and friend of Kate.

Alexandra Knatchbull, 28, daughter of 8th Baron Brabourne. Heir to Broadlands.

Kate’s Family and friends

Michael and Carole Middleton, Kate’s parents, owners of Party Pieces.

James Middleton, 23, Kate’s brother.

Pippa Middleton, 27, Kate’s sister.

Gary Goldsmith, 45, Carole’s brother and black sheep of the family. William and Kate have stayed at his Ibiza villa, La Maison de Bang Bang.

Alicia Fox-Pitt, 29, one of Kate’s oldest friends who persuaded her to join the Sisterhood charity boat race.

Ben Fogle, 37, presenter, and his wife Marina, 31.

Tom Bradby, 43, ITN political editor, and his wife Claudia Bradby, who designs jewellery and worked with Kate when she was an intern at Jigsaw.

Emily Bevan, friend from St Andrews.

Emma Sayle, 32, friend from the Sisterhood who was recently cautioned by the police for writing ‘racist’ comments on her Facebook page.

Henry Ropner, financier and former Etonion who used to date Jecca Craig.

James Rothschild, 26, son of the late Amschel Mayor James Rothschild, and girlfriend Astrid Harbord.

Olly Hicks, 25, rower pal of Kate.

Willem Marx, 28, Kate’s boyfriend at Marlborough. Her ‘first love’.

Lady Laura Marsham, 26, daughter of Julian Marsham, 8th Earl of Romley. Has been skiing with Kate and William and is involved in William’s charity the Tusk Trust.

Belle and John Robinson, owners of Jigsaw who let William and Kate stay at their villa in Mustique, and their five children Jessie, 21, Izzy, 20, Jack, 15, Molly, 13 and Christina, ten.

Sam Waley-Cohen, 28, a jockey whose reputation was sealed when he reunited William and Kate after their split in 2007, and fiancee Annabel Ballin.

Trinny Lough, 29, best friends with Sam Waley-Cohen. Possible bridesmaid for Kate.

Rupert Finch, 32, Kate’s ex-boyfriend, who has remained loyal by not talking about her.

The Glosse Posse

George Percy, 26, Duke of Northumberland’s son and Pippa Middleton’s flatmate at Edinburgh University.

Lady Catherine Percy, 27, daughter of the Duke of Northumberland and shooting pal of William and Kate.

Lady Melissa Percy, 23, daughter of the Duke of Northumberland, and boyfriend Thomas van Straubenzee.

Harry Soames, 25, son of Nicholas Soames MP. Went to Ludgrove school with the Princes.

Jack Mann, 28, polo-playing pal of William and son of ex-SAS officer Simon Mann, jailed in Equatorial Guinea for his part in the ‘Wonga’ coup, and Sophie Mann, 26, sister of Jack.

Jamie Murray Wells, 27, owner of Glasses Direct and close friend of the couple.

JJ Jardine Patterson, 29, ex-boyfriend of Pippa Middleton.

Lady Mary Douglas-Home, 27, musician daughter of the Earl of Home, chairman of the Royal bank Coutts. Mary is in a rock group called Headland.

Natasha Rufus Isaacs, 27, daughter of the Marquess of Reading.

Viscount Erleigh, 24, Natasha Rufus Isaacs’s brother who introduced Harry to Chelsy Davy, and girlfriend Davina Harbord, 24.

Nina Vestey, 28, niece of 3rd Baron Vestey, and polo-coach husband John-Paul Clarkin, 32.

Thomas van Straubenzee, 28, went on tour with William to New Zealand in 2005.

Tom Inskip, 24, aka ‘Skippy’, William’s redhead schoolmate who is organising his stag do with Guy Pelly.

Victoria Inskip, 27, Tom’s sister.

Harry Aubrey Fletcher, 28, son of Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, and wife Louise Stourton, 28, daughter of Edward Stourton, 24th Baron Stourton.

Eton Pals

Archie Keswick, 29, heir to the £644 million Jardine Matheson Hong Kong trading house.

Ben Vestey, 32, polo-playing pal of Prince William.

Charlie Gilkes, 26, nightclub owner.

Drummond Money-Coutts, 24, set up a magic club at Eton and performs tricks for the Queen.

Ed Tollemache, 34, son of 5th Baron Tollemache.

James Tollemache, 30, brewery heir and one of William’s best friends.

Harry Meade, 27, son of Olympic gold medallist Richard Meade, and wife Rosie Bradford, 30.

James Meade, 29, brother of Harry Meade.

Lord Dunglass, 23, aka Michael David Alexander Douglas-Home.

Luke Tomlinson, 33, captain of the England polo team.

Mark Tomlinson, 28, Luke’s younger brother.

Patrick Valentine, City financier, and his fiancee, the Duke of Northumberland’s daughter Lady Catherine Percy. William was at his stag do in Blackpool recently.

William Rickards, 28, the son of a Cazenove broker.

David Jardine Patterson, 29, heir to a Scottish landowning family, whose wife Emilia d’Erlanger is one of Kate’s best friends.

Andrew Charlton, 28, commodities broker, and fiancee Edwina Palmer, daughter of Lord Palmer of the biscuit-making family.

Lord Edward Downpatrick, 22, son and heir-apparent of George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews.

Edward Innes-Ker, 26, son of the Duke of Roxburghe. Shared a flat at Edinburgh with Pippa Middleton.

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